Our Guarantee

All Dogs: We guarantee your puppy/dog to be healthy upon delivery and free of any hereditary crippling/disabling defects for the first 24 months of the dog’s life. In the unlikely event that this should happen you may do one of the following:
  • Return the dog for a full refund of the original purchase price.
  • Return the dog for replacement of a puppy/dog of the same value.
  • Keep the dog and receive a credit of 50% of original purchase price toward another puppy/dog within the next two years.
The following provisions apply prior to replacement or refund:
  • Physical trauma suffered by the dog during the warranted time voids all warranties.
  • All defects must be diagnosed by a licensed practicing veterinarian and copies of any applicable evaluations, lab tests and radiographs be provided to the breeder.
  • In the event you keep the dog it must be neutered and documentation sent to the breeder by the veterinarian that performed the procedure.
  • Registration papers must be signed over and returned.
Hunting We offer a conditional guarantee that your dog will hunt by the age of 24 months. While these dogs have a lot of natural hunting ability they must be worked with properly to reinforce and strengthen that drive. We guarantee your dog will hunt with the following provisions: • Return is by appointment only so it can be evaluated in the field. To show the dog has been socialized and worked with in the field the dog must:
  • Answer and come readily and happily to his/her name and know the most basic commands.
  • Show no fear out running with the owner.
  • Must not be gun shy or bird shy (a gun or bird shy dog is made not born and therefore not guaranteed)